ROFLBear Episode 5 – Anthem of the Crusader

Today on ROFLBear – Friday August 13th
The ROFLBox makes a comeback just in time to lead the surrounding mailboxes in the musical number “Anthem of the Crusader”.

Lyrics: “Anthem of the Crusader
Looking for five more for TOC
Going to save half the server to my raid ID
You can’t roll on trophies cause they’re saved for me!
My highest piece of gear is level 213…

Looking for 10 more for TOC
Going to save half the server to my raid ID
Now how’d that volcano get right under me?
I think this is a wipe cause our tank just DC’d…

Looking for 12 more for TOC
Going to save half the server to my raid ID
Don’t link the achievement because there’s no need,
Once Anub is down we’re going to ICC…

Week 1 Overview
This week ROFLBear builds a new mailbox, is visited by the extra-terrestrial turkey Mr. Green, pranked by Dr. Shampoo (Mr. Green’s arch nemesis), and sabotaged when the turkeys stage an epic battle in his front lawn. It concludes with a theatrical production of “Anthem of the Crusader” complete with singing mailboxes who tell a short story about a Trial of the Crusader raid gone awry. “Which boss drops Death’s Verdict?!”

Production Notes
The set was designed with a single background and minimal visual effects throughout the first part of the week and escalates towards the end with more customizations and the inclusion of a short music video. It is essentially an introduction to the main characters with mild pacing and classic humor reminiscent of vintage cartoons.

About ROFLBear:
A new episode of ROFLBear is posted each weekday on for a total of 50 movies in this season. Each week there is a new set of episodes with a unique goal or challenge and they are best viewed in sequence. ROFLBear is created from elements in the World of Warcraft game engine combined with original artwork, visual effects, music, sound and voices, and is produced in-house by the Hackleman Brothers (Myndflame). In-house World of Warcraft fan videos are created entirely for fun, uncompensated, and zero-budget. The goal of this series was to create fan-content that’s especially enjoyable for viewers that have an understanding of WoW and video games while not being entirely bound by it.