Illegal Danish Super Snacks

Illegal Danish Super Snacks – Warning! Contains spoilers!

An unsuccessful diabolical genius, High Warlord Van Kraken failed to make a living creating gadgets and began to sell potions in competition with another alchemist, Dr. Marsh. His secret for success involved a formula for a new elixir which would put the wretched Dr. Marsh out of business for good. He had all but one critical ingredient: the Illegal Danish, a pastry held as a treasure by the guild named after it whose sole purpose is to protect it. By creating a robot decoy that looked like an Illegal Danish guild member named Floivan, Van Kraken was able to infiltrate a guild meeting to discuss another current issue about spell and portal malfunctions. After being distracted by a video of Higgins and Brother Munson at Southshore Beach they mistakenly confuse the real Floivan for the imposter nearly thwarting Van Kraken’s plan. As Floivan flees he steals a tank running over the annoying gnome Dirti G while he’s recruiting members for his guild (“You wanna join my guild?!”) and both of them end up in Stranglethorn Vale. Meanwhile Rasi and Basutei, a guild officer and new recruit are told by the guild master to head to Astranaar to check out the spell disruptions.

On the way Basutei and Rasi exchange dialogue about feral druids which leads to Rasi frustratingly admitting to wearing healing pants; “Are those the pants?”. Meanwhile, Floivan and Dirti try to get to Ironforge as Floivan gives him some pointers on how to get people to join his guild as long as there’s no “man lovin”. After arriving in Astranaar, Rasi and Basutei arrive at the coordinates they’re supposed to investigate but only find a Snacky Cake vending Machine which Basutei breaks open to “Fulfill the Prophecy” (chowing down on Gozzleman Goblincakes) which ends their pointless quest. When they return to Ironforge they run into Lilpuff (“Seize the ass toucher!“) who warns them that the Illegal Danish is being stolen by the imposter. When Basutei attemps to dispose of the robot, Van Kraken reveals his true power and Kiljoy briefly joins the party yelling “Arcanite Reaper, HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” only to be destroyed in a single blow moments later. The conclusion leaves Van Kraken with the upper-hand launching Basutei across numerous zones landing him at Club Thrall in Orgrimmar.

The original soundtrack for Illegal Danish can be found on the album “MC Raider”. The songs are free to listen to on this website or you can purchase them as MP3s or ringtones from iTunes and Amazon USA and International.

Illegal Danish History
“Super Snacks”, Myndflame’s second Machinima, was created shortly after “Zinwrath: The Movie” (2005). A first place winner in Xfire-Blizzard’s Movie Contest, it quickly became a viral hit while YouTube was still in its infancy. Illegal Danish was created from elements in the World of Warcraft game engine and largely captured in-game but combined with original artwork, visual effects, music, sound and voices, and was produced in-house by the Hackleman Brothers (Myndflame). In-house World of Warcraft movies are created entirely for fun, uncompensated, and zero-budget.