ROFLBear Week 1 Ends! Crusader week starts Monday.

On Monday August 16th we’ll be starting Crusader Week with five new episodes with special appearances by Arthas, Icehowl, Princess Theradras, and Jaraxxus!

In case you haven’t seen them all, here’s the list of all 5 ROFLBear episodes¬† for Week 1 (August 9th-13th).

  1. ROFLBox – ROFLBear gets crafty and builds a new mailbox.
  2. Mr. Green – Mr. Green, an alien turkey from a distant galaxy is interested in studying the local habitation.
  3. Skunked – Dr. Shampoo, a technologically minded turkey with a mean streak likes to harass and upstage ROFLBear any way he can.
  4. Dr. Shampoo VS Mr. Green – Dr. Shampoo faces his arch nemesis Mr. Green in an epic TURKEY BATTLE!
  5. Anthem of the Crusader – “Anthem of the Crusader” complete with singing mailboxes! Spoiler warning! You can preview the song on iTunes or Amazon.