Raiders and Crusaders (and Theory of a Death Knight Too)

Raiders and Crusaders (and Theory of a Death Knight Too) is a combination of new songs, singles, and my most popular World of Warcraft songs and parodies from “MC Raider” to the just released “Retarded Flying Lion” Margaritaville parody about the new flying lion mount (video coming momentarily) and Theory of a Death Knight songs and sketches including “Raccoon in a Basket”, “Razorblader Insanity Remix”, and “Kitties and Titties”. The album even includes several Karaoke or instrumental versions of “Learn 2 Play“, “Anthem of the Crusader“, and “I’m in Love with Bear Cows“.

I thought it was about time to create an album that combines all of my WoW inspired songs in one place while providing plenty of new and previously unreleased tunes as well. If you’re outside of the USA please search “Myndflame” or “Raiders and Crusaders” in your regional copy of iTunes. This album will also be published on Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, and Spotify in 2-6 weeks once it has been processed. I hope you enjoy the new album and thanks for considering supporting our efforts by adding this album to your playlist. You’re welcome to leave feedback!